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Yellow Jersey @ Parts & Labour Cycles

Good News for cyclists. We are now affiliated with the cool cats at Yellow Jersey.

You may think this is boring and it is to a certain degree, but do you know what is really annoying and also very boring, Losing your bike. Be it in a race or by a thief.

Now we are affiliated means a discount for our loyal following. To get this discount code call or email us or pop on in for a flyer. or 020 8265 2426

Yellow Jersey launched in 2014 and have grown from strength to strength, providing specialist Bicycle Insurance and Travel Insurance to customers racing and riding all over the world. After much research and customer consultation, Yellow Jersey have expanded their Bicycle Insurance to provide three new tiers. The new products cater for a wider range of cyclists.

Whatever type of riding you are into – from a leisurely Sunday cycle to racing worldwide – there’s always a common theme which underlines it, the sense of freedom when riding a bike. This feeling unites all cyclists and is what Yellow Jersey stands for. Yellow Jersey makes insurance straightforward and stress-free, so that you can enjoy cycling, safe in the knowledge that, should anything happen, they are there for you.

Yellow Jersey offer 3 packages to suit the individual cyclist. Essentials, Performance and Ultimate.The key features which are covered in all 3 packages are comprehensive for your Cycling needs.

The essentials package has you covered. But if you are looking for the ultimate cover check performance or ultimate. More details on there website

Covered on all 3 Policies

  • CYCLING EXPERTS - Claims are managed by a team of experts from Direct Group

  • CLAIMS & RENEWALS - Won’t be charged extra at renewal even if you’ve made a claim. All customers get 25% renewal discount.

  • MULTI-BICYCLE - 60% multi-bicycle discount on all additional bikes.

  • CRASH AND ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE - With Yellow Jersey you’re covered.

  • HANDLE THE VANDALS - Covered from damaged through vandalism.

  • CLAIMS EXCESS - Excess capped at £100. Plus there is no excess on third party claims.

  • PUBLIC LIABILITY - Cover for up to £2m is included in all our policies.

  • DNA+ - free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit

  • ACCESSORY COVER - £250 of accessories cover in all our policies.

  • HOME & AWAY - Whether your bike is stolen from home, work or elsewhere, you’re covered.


MEDICAL COVER - All Yellow Jerseys Insurance policies cover you for physio, dental and permanent injury. For medical cover whilst abroad, have a look at their travel insurance.

One of the coolest things that Yellow Jersey supply with your new annual Policy is the DNA+ bicycle security marking. If a thief is absolutely determined to take your bike, there is not a lot you can do to stop them. However, make things difficult for them and there is a good chance a thief will pass your bike by for a softer target

The clear liquid in the kit is dabbed onto your frame and components. Should a stolen bike be recovered, it can be traced back to the owner by the police. What really makes the difference though, is the shiny silver sticker that lets any potential thief know that this bike has been marked.

Criminals know getting caught with a bike that has been forensically marked is more likely to lead to their conviction than a bike that hasn’t. If you make selling stealing your bike a hassle for the thieves, they are more likely to look for an easier target.

For a better breakdown head to But don’t forget to ask us for that special Parts and Labour 10% off code. or 020 8265 2426

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