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New Kit Pre Orders Open

Hello all you crazy Cats and Dogs. Lots of exciting projects happening at the Parts and Labour headquarters. We are offering our new shop cycle kit for you guys to race, tour and chill in. You could just wear it to sleep in if you like. Parts and Labour pyjamas if you like.

The Kit is a medley of London Fauna and has a cheeky resident of London and especially the South East of London. The “Psittacula krameri” or Rose Ringed Parakeet.

Everyone needs a companion on the long rides. He wont eat your snacks I promise.

We have some tropical popular house plants like the Cheese Plant (Monstera) and some simple but beautiful Plane tree leafs (Platanus x hispanica). It is a very loose interpretation of South London.

We will be using Spiuk as the manufacturer as they have 20 Years of experience in the clothing sports industry. The kit is being helped along by VeloTech and there connection.

Velotech use Spuik for their team race kit. They have some series fast riders and the kit performs for them every time. With any product we sell we need to trust the manufacturer. The team at Velotech are very hard working and trustworthy and this has helped in securing the bond between us to create this product.

We have 3 pieces to this kit. The short sleeve jersey with full zipper top, the long sleeve jersey with full zipper and the bib shorts.

The short sleeve is a lightweight jersey with 3 pockets and a small zipper pocket on rear. The long sleeve jersey can be worn on the colder days of the year. Both tops have pocket protection by the parakeet and the bib shorts have a very comfortable chamois.

Short Sleeve £49.99 Long Sleeve £60 Shorts £65

Close date for preorder is 1st August 2018

And the kit will be here 5 weeks after this date

We would suggest to come in to try the test kit. If you can’t make it into the shop you can Pre order now

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