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In January we decided to put together a selection of really cool summer city cruiser. We have been using old mountain bikes as commuters for the past 3 years and there are a couple of reasons why. First of all they are bomb proof, these bikes were designed to attack trails so even though there are some epic pot holes out there these frames weren’t build to fail. Secondly they are super comfortable to ride and super fun. Getting rid of the nobbly tyres and smacking on a set of slicks give you good speed as well as mega comfort. The list goes on but it's worth noting because of the era in which they were born they all have super slick paint jobs!

We love how versatile these bikes are, they can go from being a trail bike, commuter, gravel bike or a full on touring machine. All our Mtbs have been kitted out with new wheels, cables, cable, cassette and tyres.

Enjoy the photos and if you have any question about these bike or if you have one in a shed somewhere and you would like to bring back to life or have any questions about the bikes we have drop us an email at All bikes will be up on our web store in the up and coming weeks.

I have tried to track down the original catalogs for these bikes but haven't had much like. If anyone has them or knows where I could get them drop us a line!

Production Year.

Giant Stonebreaker-93

Giant Track ATB-93

Raleigh Yukon-91

Specialized Rockhopper-91

British Eagle K3-??

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