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Spray Bike & P & L

If you're looking to completely customise your bike Spray Bike is the answer.

Spray.Bike was created out of frustration with existing products. If you’re not an experienced pro, it’s so difficult to use metal or car spray paint on bikes. It drips and dribbles and is extremely hard to control. And professional electrostatic or powder coating can get super expensive.At VCA, while trying to repair a damaged frame using a standard RAL spray, we were so disappointed with the results that we phoned up the manufacturer, which happened to be Cosmos Lac. “Well what do you want the paint to do?” was the reply.After 2 years of development, Spray.Bike was the answer. -

We used this on Ben's Omium Cargo bike recently and knew it was something we needed for the shop. You can see that build on our build gallery page. They have an epic amount of colours so there is something for everyone.

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